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Have you ever been out in public and saw a pretty lady so desperate to pee she went to a secluded outdoor spot and took an emergency piss, or suddenly lost control and peed on herself in her clothes, and you found it very erotic and fascinating? Welcome to Desperate women, the online diary of real women who were so desperate to pee in public with no bathroom nearby they had to do something desperate to get relief. If you find something powerfully sexy and fascinating about a pretty lady so desperate to pee she loses control of her bladder, you are in the right place!

This fetish site started out as a mostly picture site with a mostly male audience but has evolved to half our visitors now being female. All kinds of men AND women are secretly fascinated by this subject, evidenced by the wide range of sites that link to this site - everything from porn sites to medical sites. Our excellent photography of real ladies who were caught taking emergency outdoors pisses in public has inspired tons of similar-themed picture sites, but none have 100% of their shots being real ladies who were actually caught in real emergency situations like you will find here - yes, we see it a lot more than most people do! Is female peeing a naturally erotic and sexy body function?

2 ladies peeing standingToo many times ladies find themselves desperate to pee while in public places where the ladies' bathrooms are too crowded or have filthy toilets they don't want to use. Peeing outside becomes a serious consideration at this point, they'd love to get home to their own toilets but know they can't hold it that long - what's a desperate lady to do? The biggest surprise is not that this happens to ladies, but how often and how many ladies it happens to! Peeing outside for a lady is gross, squatting down somewhere dirty....if only ladies could pee outside standing like men. These 2 ladies found a way to do just that, caught here beside their car in a parking lot with long skirts hiked up after having to leave a bar because their bladders were bursting to pee and they couldn't get in the crowded ladies bathroom....
I need to pee: click on the ladies.
(The full unedited version of this shot, desp143, is in our Album 7).

The many ways desperate women pee outside
This unusual page features our report on the different techniques women use to pee outside. Women do it in different ways depending on the circumstances and outdoor spots they use, we've identified 7 different female outdoor techniques. Summaries describing them are accompanied by shots from our albums of women doing each of the techniques. Fascinating reading, you might learn a thing or 2 and ladies might get some valuable tips that may come in handy some day. Click here to see our "female outdoor peeing techniques" report.

lady pisses All the ladies you will see here are real ladies who were so desperate to pee in public they couldn't make it to a bathroom and had to use an outdoor spot for emergency relief and were caught in the act: like this lady, who couldn't get into a locked building and had to use the ground outside it (click on her). The spontaneous acts of the ladies you will see in our shots are completely real and natural, none of them are models posing for staged pee shots like what you see at most other sites on this subject. All the shots are organized into photo albums, each with brief stories of the lady's desperate situation on the accompanying HTM page that holds each shot. Album 14 is our most recent album, To find out more about it and all of our amazing caught-in-the-act shots click here.

The Desperatewomen Survey
What is so intensely fascinating about women's peeing? Are there a lot of people who like it? If you're still reading this far, you probably like this too. What kind of people like this, and how do their interests and experiences compare to yours? You can find out by taking our Desperatewomen Survey, here is where you can express what you find so sexy and fascinating about women's peeing and find out what other people like and more. More women continue to take this survey, the biggest surprise in their responses being how many ladies enjoy the feeling of a full bladder themselves and seeing other ladies desperate and unable to get to a bathroom and having to pee on themselves in their clothes. Some add they secretly would love to do things that keep a desperate lady from getting to a bathroom and cause her to pee on herself in front of other people, especially if she's wearing expensive nice clothes! FEMALES feeling this way about other females? That makes this a powerful survey, the most unique one found anywhere on this subject. You can read many of the stunning comments both men and women added to their survey answers, click here to go to the survey. To read the very interesting comments made by ladies and men about their strong passion for women's peeing that were included in their survey answers, click here to go to our survey comments page.

The Ladies Room
Is desperation from long lines and crowded bathrooms the only reason ladies pee outside? No, it's not even the top reason ladies pee outside, according to ladies who have taken our Ladiesroom survey! Filthy public toilets and being too lazy to go to the bathroom are more common reasons ladies pee outside. Many ladies have small bladders and need a bathroom visit quite often, how many ladies have this problem and how often do they have to pee? Are ladies comfortable peeing outside, how and where do they do it when it becomes necessary? These and other questions are answered every day by ladies taking our female-only ladiesroom survey about their peeing behavior - in bathrooms, outdoors, or wherever desperation forces them to improvise. All the things you most want to know about female peeing matters but would never ask a lady! Men are welcome to read the Ladiesroom survey questions and the ladies' answers on the Ladiesroom results and comments pages are for everyone to see, but only female visitors to this site can take this survey - this is an exclusively-female bathroom. Click here to go to the Ladiesroom survey, and click here to see the ladies' responses to these very intriguing personal questions!

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Note: The images in this site are not of a hard-core XXX pornographic nature. They do not feature underage subjects or sex acts, and do not feature explicit nudity. All photographic images in the photo albums are copyright by the author, and may not be distributed or posted anywhere without prior permission from the author.

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