Desperate women: outdoor peeing techniques

OK, this is absurd! A report on the techniques women use to pee outside?

But it's also fascinating, there is a LOT of interest in this as the response to this site continues to be positive - especially from women. The information here is from our observations of over 15+ years of seeing over 2000 desperate women pee outdoors, the different ways they've accomplished the task (remember, it's not as simple for ladies as it is for guys). The information on this page isn't the only source we have for this, there's also what ladies have told us about their outdoor peeing techniques and being desperate in their responses to our ladiesroom survey. To read what they do when desperate and other pee-related matters, click here to go to our ladiesroom survey results page.

Over the years we've observed ladies use basically 7 different techniques to pee outside. Summaries of them are listed below, ranked by percentage of ladies who used that technique from most to least used. A carefully selected (cropped) shot from our collection of ladies doing the described technique is included in each of the 7 summaries, the shots selected because they demonstrate the technique without being too revealing (sorry porn lovers). The top outdoor spots desperate women prefer to use are summarized, and there are tips on how to go about peeing outside to make the outdoor experience easier and more pleasant for women.

The 7 main outdoor techniques desperate women use
Low squat: 83%
The most common way women pee outside, by far. A low squat means the butt is lower (to the ground) than the knees, feet are spread with the puddle being made on the ground between them. Some ladies spread their thighs because pressing them together tightens their muscles (the "holding it" reflex), while some keep their thighs together for better balance who can pee comfortably that way. This technique can be messy, with their exposed butt and back of thighs so close to the ground pee can splash up and wet them if it's a forceful release. And the feet can be trapped in the puddle and get wet as pee pools around them, this is more of a problem for ladies not experienced or comfortable peeing outside who don't know how to keep themselves completely dry doing this. Watching women squat outdoors you can tell who is experienced at outdoor peeing, the experienced ones do it quicker and know how to stay dry....

This is the way to squat low and stay dry. This lady has her thighs pressed together and feet spread wide for balance, the key is squatting low enough that the butt rests by the back of the ankles. This tilts the pelvis backwards and allows the stream to angle more forward and away from the body instead of straight down under it, reducing the 'splashback' effect and making the puddle on the ground more in front of her body than directly under her butt. Practice makes perfect, women can get better at doing this and keep themselves dry.

Few ladies, by comparison, use the rest of these techniques:

Standing, bent-over (forward) at the waist: 5.3%
This technique is like bending over to pick up something on the ground, legs spread with knees straight or only slightly bent. The slight knee bend distinguishes this from a high squat, the butt is high above the ground and not leaning against anything for balance with the puddle made even with or behind the spread feet. This lady took off her high heels to keep from getting pee on them, the puddle she's making was so big and messy she was going to get something wet and chose her bare feet over her expensive shoes. This is the problem women have, since they can't direct their streams away from their bodies like men can peeing outside. But other techniques are better for keeping feet and shoes completely dry, read on:

Sitting on something to pee: 4%
This is the most natural and comfortable position for ladies to pee because it's like sitting on a toilet, and most effective for not getting any pee on herself or her clothes and shoes. An added benefit is it gives her a little cover, as people seeing her will think she's just sitting down and not know what she's doing - unless they look closely. This lady had to pee and passed up going inside a building to use it's bathroom to sit down on this ledge and do it. When I saw her pulling up the back of her dress before sitting down here I knew what she was going to do, she was confident in her ability to pee this way. And nobody else appeared to know what she was doing!

High squat: 3.6%
A high squat position is a sitting position, butt at the height of the knees or higher with the lady not leaning against anything to support her.

Standing, leaning butt against something for balance: 2.7%
These desperate women were standing bent-over with legs spread, leaning their butts against the cars behind them for balance and peeing down to the ground behind her feet. While 1 lady is standing and the other bent-over, since they're both leaning against the cars for balance it's basically the same technique for both; they would be peeing standing and bent-over if they weren't leaning against the cars for balance. They both were wearing long skirts so squatting was out of the question, this way was much easier and kept them from getting their skirts wet.

Pee on herself: 1%
This is the technique no lady wants to find happening to her, because it means she held it too long and had an accident. A locked building door did this desperate woman in, she waited too long before struggling to a building only to find the door locked. She peed uncontrollably in her pants, actually started walking off like nothing was happening leaving a trail of pee on the sidewalk behind her instead of standing still peeing herself until she emptied her bladder. I suspect this has happened to her before, she seemed so calm about her accident.

Pee standing up: 4/10 of 1%
A lady just spreads her legs while standing and pees, not leaning any part of her body against anything for balance. This is obviously a technique used when a lady is wearing a skirt, can't do this one in pants! Some ladies reach under their skirt and pull their panty crotch to one side while others, like this desperate lady, take off their panties before doing this. This lady had taken her panties off on this hot summer night, and when she had to pee later walked up between these parked cars and spread her legs and let her stream loose while standing (back view), lifting her foot to let her puddle pass under her foot. The best part of this technique: no unbuttoning/unzipping, or pulling clothes out of the way....a "no hands necessary" peeing technique!

But women also use other techniques to pee
Yes, they do! But it's actually rare to see a lady do it in ways other than (some version of) the 7 techniques here, less than 1% of ladies do - but it does happen. When a lady uses an unusual technique, it is the result of desperation to the point of "extreme stress and pressure", which makes them do things they otherwise wouldn't do. 1 or both of the situations below is what makes ladies use unusual techniques to pee:

1. The combination of extreme desperation and not knowing how to pee outside. A lady is so desperate she feels her bladder starting to burst, is in a panic to avoid a peeing accident in her clothes. It becomes instinctive survival, she does whatever she has to do to get her clothes out of the way and pee without knowing how she's going to do it. The "technique" a lady will use in this out-of-control situation can stretch your imagination, and the lady often manages to pee and keep herself dry too. We've seen/heard things like a lady backing her butt out a window, over a ledge, out of an open car door, over the edge of a boat. The other situation that produces unusual techniques:

2. She's in a tight physical place that doesn't allow her to use the technique she would use to pee. Examples might be in the middle of a crowd of people, in a car/bus, etc. that won't stop or let her get out, physically stuck in a tight space where she can't leave, in some awkward position where she can't move, having arms or hands restrained (held, tied, handcuffed), or other scenarios I'm sure you're probably imagining now! Extreme desperation and feeling her bladder bursting forces the lady to pee however she has to in the circumstances, many times this kind of situation will make a lady pee on herself if she can't (or won't) use an unusual technique.

Ladies who use unusual techniques are mostly those who don't know how to pee outside. They tend to have introverted personalities and aren't comfortable with their bodies or bodily functions, and find being desperate embarrassing and don't want to ever have to pee outside. Are you a lady who uses a different outdoor technique than what's listed here? Have a good outdoor spot (type of spot, not specific location) that you think is particularly well-suited for ladies to use? Tell us your thoughts, use the form on our FAQ page.

What outdoor spots do desperate women use?
With all our sightings coming in the city - which makes them more sexy because bathrooms are always nearby, parking lots are the overall most used spot for ladies we've seen (36%), followed by alleys (33.7%), and by a building (14%). Bushes and trees are thought of as the most natural place to use but they were a distant 4th for our ladies with only 5.6% using them, but our sightings are in city locales and not so much park or wooded areas. Driveways and sidewalks got just about the same amount of use by ladies (5.4%), parking garages also made the list but are the wild card because it's difficult to tell just how much ladies use them. We suspect it's much higher than the 3% we saw, most parking garages have video surveillance on all levels so it's risky to follow ladies around in them. But for ladies who pee there, know that you most likely were filmed doing it!

The most unusual spot where we saw a lady pee? On the vent cover of a ventilation duct on the sidewalk outside a high-rise office building. A lady walking by with 2 friends climbed up on the vent cover, hiked up her short skirt and squatted down and peed through the vent cover bars down into the duct. If the air circulating through that building had a strange odor the next day, she was the reason why!

The best outdoor technique for women to use,
and where to do it
While most ladies squat low to pee outside because it's the most naturally instinctive way to do it, we regularly hear the complaints from ladies about getting pee on or in their shoes - and we know how important shoes are to most ladies. Sitting down on something (and peeing over the edge of it) will always give a lady more control over her stream than squatting, allowing her to direct the stream away from herself and her shoes and stay completely dry. We think steps are ideally suited for this purpose, sitting on a top step and peeing down on the step below. But most women we see who use steps don't know how to use them correctly for peeing, in the way we just described: they squat above the top step or below the bottom step like it's regular ground, not realizing how much easier and neater it is to sit on a step and pee. Others try some form of standing on steps, usually bending over, and 1 lady used a uniquely awkward position on steps (desp 212 in our sample album). But some ladies don't like the 'sitting' option, the idea of their naked bottoms "touching something dirty" is disgusting to them. More ladies report using standing positions, usually bending-over positions because it's even more difficult for a lady to stay dry peeing in a completely upright standing position. Whatever techique a lady chooses, practice makes perfect in being able to do it and stay completely dry. The best outsoor spot to use is always a place where a lady can use what she feels is the most comfortable and effective technique, which means she has to find her spot before the desperation has reached the point where she has to do something immediately because the pressure in her bladder won't allow her to get to a suitable secluded spot.
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